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8:10 PM

Othercide is a horror-themed take on XCOM-like turn-based strategy. It focuses on “the sacrifices you must make to prevent reality from shattering”—so, you know, light, easygoing fare that’s only as serious as few heart attacks. There’ll be a system that lets you interrupt enemy attacks, which sounds interesting. It’s

8:15 PM

Rawmen is a Splatoon-like PC multiplayer shooter where naked men fight each other with soup. That description is, in so many ways, a mouthful. The game will contain “numerous food-fueled super weapons” when it launches into early access sometime this year. And lots of soupy little dudes.

7:45 PM

Mosh Pit Simulator, one of the more captivatingly bizarre VR games I’ve ever seen, is now in early access. It’s the latest creation from Sos Sosowski, who released the equally bizarre (though not VR) McPixel back in 2012. Mosh Pit Simulator takes place in a world that’s become an endless mosh pit, and people have no