The A.V. Club’s 20 best albums of 2018

Each new “best albums” list published seems to confirm: We couldn’t agree on much this year. And it’s extremely exciting. The music industry at large continued to decentralize, with our biggest stars and returning veterans sharing airtime with newcomers and indie upstarts. Really the only constant seemed to be in…

The Second Season of the Amazing (and Permanent) Pandemic Legacy Is Back On Sale

Pandemic Legacy is a co-op board game that raises the stakes by adding permanent (actually permanent) changes to the board as you play, and it’s amazing. The second season also happens to be marked down to $50 on Amazon today, which isn’t an all-time low, but it is about $10-$15 less than usual, if you need a great…

The A.V. Club's 2018 podcast superlatives

Podcasts simply couldn’t contain themselves in 2018. Beyond setting multiple records (the third season of Serial was its biggest to date, and with a historically large advertising deal), this ever-growing audio medium also saw some of its most acclaimed series leap to television, with Dirty John on Bravo and Homecoming