Television in 2018 looks more and more like movies from the 1970s

Sam Esmail is hardly the first person to bring a little visual panache to television. In the decade after The Sopranos debuted—and especially after high-definition TVs became standard—more directors began exploring the possibilities of low light and sophisticated tracking shots. A couple of decades earlier, in the…

Doctor Who's Differing Approaches Find a Shared Fear in the Future of Amazon

There’s a moment in “Kerblam!” where Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor does something she’s never done before, but her past selves have. She barges into a scene and demands answers, lest the villain of the week face her wrath. After, she asks her companions if the bombast suited her—and it almost felt like she was asking the…

Amazon Warehouse Is Taking an Extra 20% Off Already Marked-Down Used Items

If you’re cool with buying lightly used products, it could pay off in a big way, literally. Amazon Warehouse has just launched its Black Friday deals, featuring thousands of used items going for 20% off their already deeply-discounted prices. The discounts are hitting a ton of different categories, from luggage, to