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Jul 8

Ryosuke Yoshida, who most recently did game design for Devil May Cry 5 and lead combat design for Monster Hunter XX, has announced he is leaving Capcom for China’s NetEase Games Sakura Studio, where he’ll work as a Senior Game Designer on next-gen games. Yoshida joined Capcom in 2009.

Jun 30

In a recent investor meeting, Capcom was apparently asked about plans to bring Monster Hunter World to the Nintendo Switch. It replied that it does not, but when pressed about how students enjoyed Monster Hunter on the PSP, Capcom supposedly answered it was planning on developing a Monster Hunter for junior high and

Jan 28

Japan is getting a new Monster Hunter game for phones next winter. It’s called Monster Hunter: Riders, and there’s not much to glean from the trailer, but the graphics look good and cooking elaborate meals is also present. It’s free-to-play, though, so hopefully it’s not mired in gacha-style microtransactions.

Dec 16

Shintaro Kojima has left Capcom. Kojima produced Monster Hunter: Generations and has worked on a number of Monster Hunter games including the franchise’s debut PlayStation 2 title. 

Aug 6 2019

To mark the release of the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne expansion, Iceborne emblazoned items are being released through the Sony Store in Asia, including PS4 top covers, controllers and neck speakers. No word yet about an international release. 

Jun 19 2019

Service is ending for massively multiplayer online role-playing game Monster Hunter Frontier Z in Japan. Monster Hunter Frontier launched in Japan in 2007 on PC, and a big update in 2016 changed the game’s name to Monster Hunter Frontier Z. Twelve years is a good run, no?