The Kotaku Game Club is Playing Gears of War 3!

The wait is over, everyone: Game Club is back! September is the beginning of blockbuster season in the world of video games. The release calendar is rife with returning franchises and long-awaited new games. Most major publishers are bringing out their big guns. The CivWorld experience was great, but it's time move on… » 9/15/11 5:20pm 9/15/11 5:20pm

How to Join Kotaku's Next, Civilized Game Club

Welcome everyone to the next edition of the Kotaku Game Club. We're going to do a little experiment this month, playing CivWorld, the sophisticated social version of Sid Meier's Civilization. In case you're new to the group, our mission is to play video games together as a group, discussing the narrative, mechanical… » 7/28/11 4:00pm 7/28/11 4:00pm

Welcome to the Game Club: Shadows of the Damned a.k.a. the Five-Week…

Howdy everyone! Welcome to the next installment of the Kotaku Game Club! Starting this week, through the month of July, we're going to play Shadows of the Damned, the third-person shooter from Resident Evil mastermind Shinji Mikami, and the crazy man behind No More Heroes, Suda 51. As with previous game club… » 6/20/11 2:30pm 6/20/11 2:30pm