I'm Finally Clearing My Gaming Backlog, And It Rules

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We all have backlogs of games we keep meaning to get to, all those games we promised ourselves we would totally, for sure, for real, play eventually. Recently, I’ve started actually finishing up some games on my backlog. It feels amazing.


I love finishing a game. It’s satisfying to see the credits roll, and even more satisfying to then uninstall the game so its icon stops taunting me. So often we get caught up playing new games or playing the same multiplayer games every week that our backlogs grow and grow and grow. This job, as great as it can be some days, does mean I have to play a lot of games, which can mean not finishing everything I start. My backlog is large and scary. I try not to think about it.

But a few weeks ago I started working on a list ranking every Assassin’s Creed game. While I’ve played most of them, there were a few I never got around to finishing. So I decided to beat Rogue. Then Unity. Then I wanted to shake things up, so I beat The Last of Us Part 2. Then I beat Saints Row The Third Remastered and decided to finally play and beat Gat Outta Hell. So in the span of about three weeks, I beat five games that had been sitting on my backlog. In the cases of The Last of Us Part II and the remastered Saints Row game, they had only been on my backlog for a few weeks. But the other games, like Unity or Gat Outta Hell, were games that had been sitting on it for years.

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I didn’t mean to knock five games off of mine in such a short amount of time, but with each game completed, I found myself excited to jump to another one. The current state of the world and my upcoming apartment move have turned me into a weird ball of stress and anxiety. Finishing stuff, especially stuff that I’ve been meaning to do for some time now, is a rush of endorphins and satisfaction that’s rare for me these days. I’m already wanting more: I’m planning on finishing Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, Ghost of Tsushima, Shadow Warrior 2, and, if I have some time to spare, Halo Wars 2. 

I have no idea how long this desire to complete old games will last, but I don’t want to let my current state of mind go to waste. While my brain and body are willing I’m just going to knock off as many games from my backlog as possible. Hopefully, odds are high we won’t suffer another global pandemic like this in my lifetime, so if I can use this terrible time to beat some video games, why not take advantage of it? It’s sort of like min/maxing a tragedy, and it makes me feel good in the process.



I keep looking at my copy of Evil Within 2 that I’ve intentionally put out in the open to remind myself to actually INSTALL it on my PS4 and play it but haven’t played it yet. I also have to finish Tales of Berseria, Control, and (embarassingly) Monster Hunter World, which I’ve had since about 1 month after launch and only killed like the first 8 hunts.

The sad reality is, being an adult with a spouse means I have to actually pay attention to my S/O in between work, going to the gym, running necessary errands, and sleep which leaves (on a good day) 60 whole minutes I can devote to a game. If I have that time I quite often find myself just slipping into a few rounds of COD MP or getting fucking curb-stomped in SFV by 13 year olds that use Abigail*, or running duty roulettes in FFXIV.

If I have the time to sit down and play a game, I’d love to invest it into something with a storyline, but if 25 minutes of my playtime is cutscenes followed by talking to NPCs for 10 minutes**, that leaves a whopping 25 minutes of time to actually play.

The flip-side, because my wife is such a fucking badass, she pre-ordered THPS 1+2 Remaster for me for my birthday a few weeks ago so I’m actually going to request one day off of work and use PTO to relive being 10 years old again when that releases. To clarify, that means I’m going to sit in my underwear, 4 feet from the TV screen humming along to the greatest soundtrack of all time while Ollie-ing over hobos in Santa Cruz and busting out sick combos in the Warehouse.

*Seriously I think I’m retarded, I don’t know how to beat Abigail! People just spam his tire and like high swat thing so you can’t even get in without eating a tire or getting bitch-slapped!