7:00 AM

A statue of One Piece’s Sanji has been erected in Mashiki, Kumamoto Prefecture in Japan. Eiichiro Oda hails from Kumamoto and the statue is a sign of support for the prefecture, which was hit by a series of strong earthquakes in 2016.

6:30 AM

Manga creator Leiji Matsumoto was discharged from a hospital in Turin, Italy this Wednesday. Visiting the country for a Space Pirate Captain Harlock event, he was admitted on November 15 after collapsing. He was reported to be in serious condition but has since improved and returned home to Japan. 

6:00 AM

From December 13 to 25, a 19.6-foot tall Lapras will go up in Kotodai Park in Sendai, Japan. This is actually taller than the in-game version, which clocks in at 8.1-feet tall. It also appears to be inflatable.