Koei Tecmo Filing Charges Over Dead Or Alive Nude Mod

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Koei Tecmo announced it’s filing charges with Kanagawa police against a suspect for allegedly selling an unlicensed DVD filled with naked Dead or Alive characters.

According to the game maker, the suspect allegedly recorded footage of characters from Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation that had been illicitly modded.

The footage was compiled onto a DVD and then sold via an online auction site. Koei Tecmo claims this is a violation of its copyright and is seeking damages as part of a civil suit.


This isn’t a first for Koei Tecmo. Back in 2002, the company won a court case over a nude Kasumi skin for Dead or Alive 2, which declared the mod as copyright infringement.

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Koei Tecmo Filing Charges Over Dead Or Alive Nude Mod

Bash, come on. You’re better than this clickbait headline.

Regardless of Koei-Tecmo’s stance on mods, the modding is incidental to the case, the crime at the heart of the matter is somebody selling unauthorized DVDs of game footage as wank material...which unlike game modding, is unquestionably illegal.