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Sony Stops Nearly All PlayStation 4 Shipments For Japan Except Standard PS4 Slim

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Now that the PlayStation 5 is out, Sony is turning its attention to its new console. In Japan, that means almost all its attention, leaving only the standard slim Jet Black 500GB PlayStation 4 as part of the old-gen line-up.

As IT Media and Game Watch Impress report, Sony ceased manufacturing of the PlayStation 4 Pro last year for Japan. The console, which might have been a bad idea, launched back in 2016, but it was only recently revealed that production had stopped for the domestic market.


It’s also been recently revealed that Sony stopped shipping the following PlayStation 4 consoles for Japan in late April 2020: PS4 Glacier White 500GB (CUH 2200AB02), PS4 Jet Black 1TB (CUH-2200BB01), PS4 Glacier White 1TB (CUH-2200BB02), and PS4 Pro Jet Black 2TB (CUH-7200CB0). Note that by September of last year, Sony was no longer shipping any new PS4 Pros to Japan.

Sony tells IT Media that while the company is switching its hardware manufacturing focus to the PS5, making increased production of the new console possible, it is continuing to support the PS4 platform business through games and peripherals, etc.


Kotaku has reached out to Sony regarding PS4 shipments for North America and will update this article should the company comment.