SNK Is Making A New Game Console, It Seems

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Image: SNK
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At one time, SNK made what was considered the Roll Royce of video game consoles. As a kid, I remember thinking that the Neo-Geo was the most amazing game hardware I had ever seen. And now earlier today, the company announced that it making a new game machine.


SNK posted the following tweet.

It reads, “In 2021, a new game console from SNK will debut! Please look forward to a new product that will meet the needs of console games and the passion of game fans!”

Oddly, the image that accompanies the tweet includes the English-language text, “Who is the best player?” and the wifi signal. Uh, okay!

Recently, it was reported that Saudi Arabian investors were going to acquire a majority stake in the game maker. Previously, back in 2015, a Chinese joint venture had acquired SNK, and during this period, a NeoGeo Mini console and a massive NeoGeo stick were released. 

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At one time, SNK made what was considered the Roll Royce of video game consoles.

Roll Royce? Was that a Fatal Fury character who later made appearances in the King of Fighters franchise? 😏

This is interesting news...but I can’t help feeling it’s just another doomed money-grab by the new owners.

What they should do, given that all their arcade games run on a platform that is literally just a Windows PC, is make some kind of home console based on those specs, in partnership with Valve, to produce a new dedicated “Steam Machine” 🤔

Ship it with a pair of arcade sticks, and market it as the ultimate fighting game console.