The 'Shop Contest Awards: 2019

Hello and welcome to the 2019 ‘Shop Contest Awards! I’m excited to have you all here as we look back at what you creative and wonderful folks have made over the past year. And as always, I’ll be handing out some awards!

2019 was a year filled with many things and also a lot of Sonic bullshit. But the rest of the year was packed with some great contests. From celebrities to babies to random holidays, we had it all in 2019. So let’s quit wasting time and start handing out some awards!


Best Sonic Images

Let’s just get these out of the way now. 2019 had a lot of Sonic content. And we all worked together to push through these dark times. Here are the best images featuring that blue bastard.

Image: Neuroplastique II (Sonic & Tails Hit The Road)
Image: Mrichston (Star Wars X Sonic)
Image: sciteach (Sonic Mask)

And while we are talking about Sonic, let’s just give out this award real quick...


The Worst Image Of 2019

If you are a regular reader of the Kotaku ‘Shop Contest posts, you probably already know what image won this dubious award. So here you go, Bob, enjoy this damn award.


The Funniest Images

‘Shop Contest images don’t have to be funny, but it helps. Considering how bad a year 2019 was for so many people, getting to see some funny pictures featuring video game characters is nice. Here are the funniest creations from 2019's contests.

Image: Chelsea of Tranquility (National Tortilla Chip Day)
Image: Barry Wombleton (Mortal Kombat Guest Characters)
Image: Chris Bachman (National Fried Chicken Day)
Image: Done With Kinja (Luigi’s Other Creepy Adventures)

The Best Movie Posters

Something that pops up often is people creating movie posters. They are wonderful and I wanted to showcase some of them!

Image: Handsome and Marble (Pokemon Starters Escape)
Image: Stanky Pete (Star Wars X Sonic)
Image: ClamJam (Switch Lites For Everyone)
Image: AmazingMao (Oh No, Claptrap!)

The Most Impressive Creations

While I love all the images I get, (Well, most of them.) some images are of a higher quality. They might not always win that week, but I wanted to showcase the images that really impressed me.

Image: The Big Kev (Big Pikachu)
Image: Done With Kinja (It’s Pumpkin Season)
Image: MonoArtan (National Fried Chicken Day)
Image: ATORASU (Easter 2019)

The Best ‘Shop Contest Image Of 2019

And now, we come to the final award of the night. The big one. The best of the best. I looked at every past winner this year and decided which of these creations was my favorite. This was hard as all the past winners have been wonderful. But after spending some time looking over all the images I made a decision.


Your winner!


Congratulations to Raftos! This image made me laugh, it creeped me out a bit and looks fantastic. So for these reasons, I declare it the best creation of 2019.

That’s the end! After a year of contests, what have we learned? We know how weird some of you are, that’s for sure. We also learned that Sonic is terrible and some of you need to move on. We also experienced things together. When the Cats trailer first came out, we all worked through the horror together. When Luigi’s Mansion 3 came out, we all had fun together.


So now as we head forward into 2020, I can’t wait to see what things you all come up with in the future.

I hope you all had a great time and I hope I’ve done a good job so far running this contest each weekend. Thanks for reading and creating and see you next weekend with a new contest!

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