Last week I asked the talented readers of Kotaku to help my boss, Kotaku’s Editor-In-Chief Stephen Totilo, play Labo VR everywhere and anywhere. Portable VR is only useful if you actually get out and travel with it, after all.

Our winning image this week was created by Joacrpro who shows us an alternate use for that cardboard duck. Though I have to imagine that thing won’t last long the moment it gets wet.

This week was filled with some other great and not so great places to play portable VR. Some of these seem dangerous or even just rude as all heck.

You can check out the original post to see all the entries, but here are some of my favorites.


sciteach wins the award for “Most Awkward Dinner Party.”


Master Turkey grabs the award for “Weirdest Kotaku Interview.”

mzrcefo snags the award for “Most Obvious Joke, But It Had To Be Done.”


Neuroplastique II easily wins the awards for “Heaviest Goggles” & “Most Likely To Be Expensive Goggles.”

Andy B88 grabs the award for “Greatest Moment In VR History”


Kerning gets the award for “Best Photobomb.”

Cecil_banon wins the award for “Best New Character Since Poochie.”


Barry Wombleton receives the coveted “Smallest Totlio” award.

GenMan grabs up the award for “Most Dangerous Place To Play VR.”


And finally, Bob The Rock “Hero Of The People, God among posters” wins the award for “Worst Funeral Guest.”