Sony is raising the PlayStation Plus fee in Japan starting August 1. The current monthly subscription will increase from 514 yen ($4.72) to 850 yen ($7.81), while the 3-month one will go from 1,337 yen ($12.28) to 2,150 yen ($19.75).

PlayStation Europe has uploaded footage of the Nioh 2 closed alpha. Have a look! The game was announced last year at Sony’s E3 press conference. In case you missed it, check out Kotaku’s review of the first game. 

Sony is working on a Twisted Metal TV show. The chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment, Tony Vinciquerra, confirmed it was in production during a Q&A with investors earlier today. Hopefully it’s a reality TV mockumentary about a contest where everyday people battle in deadly car duels in pursuit of the American dream.

A new Sony division called PlayStation Productions aims to be the Marvel Studios of PlayStation, developing and producing movies based on Sony’s game franchises, the Hollywood Reporter said today. Rather than license out the rights, Sony has decided to produce the films itself and retain creative control.