This week we see just how accurate London in Watch Dogs Legion actually is, find out which big games are getting delayed, listen to some terrible Halloween sex sounds, explore a strange house in VR and meet a bad cat. A very bad cat.


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As always, Nathan does a great job reporting and explaining a situation on Twitch that otherwise I would have no idea about.

I’m surprised Watch Dogs Legion created such an accurate London. It’s not perfect, but incredibly close in a lot of ways.


In a few months, someone will have made a full-on horror game built in a digital version of this wild house and I can’t wait.



This mod is funny. Then you click the video and hear the music and realize it’s fucking hilarious.


This is a lot more erotic than the Arbor Day sex tape I bought last year...


I have so many questions... SO many questions.


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Random: it’s stunning how perfect AMD’s position is right now. Look at it: they’re making the chips that power both next-gen consoles, and the PC components they’re about to release next month are closing even more gaps between them, Intel and Nvidia respectively. Plus, they got an FPGA company, too. I’ve never seen a company this well-placed in the transition to a new generation of tech since Apple in 2007.