Sony Is Giving Away Free Adaptors For Playing VR Games On PS5

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If you want to keep playing VR games after making the transition to PlayStation 5 next month, you’re going to need an adaptor for your PlayStation Camera. Fortunately, Sony has opened a website where you can grab one for free.


Availing yourself of this free adaptor is as simple as visiting the official website and providing Sony with the serial number on your PlayStation VR unit and your shipping information. Shipments will range from the end of October to the beginning of December, and deliveries may take up to two weeks.

The adaptor in question allows the PlayStation Camera to connect to the PlayStation 5, which doesn’t have the requisite input slot for the camera’s proprietary AUX cable. This adaptor will be the only way to continue playing existing PlayStation VR games on PlayStation 5, as the new HD camera isn’t compatible with the PSVR headset released for the PlayStation 4.

More information on the adaptor and the process required to receive one can be found in Sony’s official FAQ.

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When I can get past the captcha loop, the shipping page doesn’t list US for an address.

Update: I was able to finally get through after many attempts and find an option for US addresses using this link and Internet Explorer: