Bugsnax Is One Of November's PlayStation Plus Games, But Only For PS5 Owners

Screenshot: Young Horses/ Epic Games Store

November’s PlayStation Plus games are a little different than usual. Alongside the two games for November, PlayStation 5 owners can also get the charming but conceptually disturbing Bugsnax.


From November 12 to January 4, PS5 owners will get Bugsnax as part of their monthly Plus subscription. (The exact availability window depends on when the PS5 launches in your region.) Meanwhile, both PS4 and PS5 members will get the PS4 versions of Middle-Earth: Shadow of War and Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition. Those two games will be available November 3 to November 30.

PS Plus has had only two games since March of 2019, so it’s a nice throwback to see it expanding a bit, at least for folks with a PS5.


Gallus Advocatus, Esq.

Can PS+ subscribers that don’t yet own a PS5 just grab a copy to add to their library of PS5 games, preparing for buying one in the future? I can’t recall there being any sort of gatekeeping/validation with PS+ or the PS Store to check what systems I do or don’t own...