The House On Blue Lick Road's 3D Tour Has Been Preserved In VR

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For most of this week, one of the strangest delights on the internet has been a 3D tour of a house that’s for sale in Kentucky. The home, on Louisville’s Blue Lick Road, was for want of a better term, weird. From the boxes of energy drinks stacked in the kitchen to the Halo action figure collection.


If you haven’t checked it out yet, while the tour has been removed from the sale’s main listing, it’s still available here.

As this great roundup by Andy Baio—including an interview with the home’s owner and a quick history of the property—sums up, “Some called it the best game of 2020, praising its environmental storytelling. Folks even started trying to speedrun it.

In the interests of preservation, then, artist and developer Sam Blye (Manifold Garden) has “spent nearly 8 hours...ripping & porting 8800 Blue Lick Road to VRChat.”

And so here it is, with a very helpful guided tour uploaded by Coopertom. A little pixellated, then, but I kinda prefer it like this, as though the home had been ported to the PS2.

Video: Coopertom

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With all the CD and DVD duplicators, this has to be a media bootlegging ring right?