After nearly a year of fooling itself, The Elder Scrolls Online is now subscription free. Lapsed players can now log into their account, download 17gb worth of MMORPG and pick up where they left off, while new players can purchase a copy for $59.99 with no need to hand over payment details for a monthly sub. The Xbox… » 3/17/15 4:15pm 3/17/15 4:15pm

Skyrim Modders Help Man Who Says He's Mourning His Brother

Letting go of lost loved ones is never easy. They linger in our hearts and minds. One Skyrim player has taken to loading up his deceased brother's Skyrim file, reliving the last moments he spent in the game. That inspired a modder to make his brother's character immortal. » 3/12/15 3:20pm 3/12/15 3:20pm

The Elder Scrolls is Ready for Total War

Nearly all the Scrolls games talk up great battles, but you never actually get to fight one. Now there's a Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms mod to change that. » 3/04/15 6:00am 3/04/15 6:00am

Mod Turns Skyrim Into A Full-Blown Pirate Game

I just got done reading Red Seas Under Red Skies, so I'm super stoked on pirates right now. Luckily, I stumbled across a new Skyrim mod that turns Bethesda's nigh-immortal fantasy role-player into a surprisingly robust pirate game. You get a ship, a crew, open seas to sail, and all sorts of loot to pillage. » 2/25/15 5:15pm 2/25/15 5:15pm

Skyrim Mod Lets You Marry Creepy Wooden People

I do not like the implications of Skyrim's craftable followers/NPCs mod. Not one bit. You can create life—give birth to fully formed adult wooden children—and then marry them if you so please. I can't believe I even need to say this, but don't marry your wooden children, people. » 1/29/15 6:00pm 1/29/15 6:00pm

How The Subscription-Free Elder Scrolls Online Will Work

On March 17 the PC version of The Elder Scrolls Online ditches subscription fees and gains the subtitle "Tamriel Unlimited." What are we getting for free, and what does the change mean for existing players? » 1/21/15 3:30pm 1/21/15 3:30pm

The Elder Scrolls Online Is Ditching Subscriptions

The Elder Scrolls Online will get a little cheaper this year, with Bethesda removing the subscription fee in preparation for the console release on PS4 and Xbox One this June. » 1/21/15 10:07am 1/21/15 10:07am

A New Sign That The Elder Scrolls Online Might Go Free-To-Play

The Elder Scrolls Online recently did away with its six-month subscription option, a change that the MMO's developer and publisher have had very little to say about publicly so far. In the absence of any solid justification about its removal, fans are guessing this mean it's going free-to-play in the near future. » 12/30/14 6:20pm 12/30/14 6:20pm

Delayed Elder Scrolls Online for Consoles Gets News and One Screenshot

The Elder Scrolls Online for consoles has been MIA. But today, Bethesda has provided a an update on how things have been going. » 12/05/14 6:00am 12/05/14 6:00am

Someone Took All The Items From A Skyrim Town

Here's one crazy Skyrim hoarder who stole every single item from the town of Solitude, managed to take it all to Whiterun, and somehow grabbed a screenshot without burning down his PC. » 10/10/14 8:00am 10/10/14 8:00am

This is a Skyrim screenshot. It's from DSOGaming's latest roundup of ENBSeries-modded Skyrim shots, proving, once again, that Skyrim can be the planet's prettiest game to take photos of—provided you take the time set up those mods, and have the (beastly) rig to support all that eye candy. Look below for more. » 10/06/14 8:30am 10/06/14 8:30am

Sadly, the "real" Ashlands of Vvardenfell never quite looked so pretty. At least not in-game in Morrowind. Ogilac's "Ashland" shows us what the Red Mountain and its surroundings might look like when the place isn't covered in ash storms—it's quite the visual treat. Shoot down those cliff racers and it's perfect. » 8/27/14 8:30am 8/27/14 8:30am

One Of The PlayStation's Greatest Heroes, Reborn (Again) In Skyrim

The ever-rising Sir Daniel Fortesque shall live once more, thanks to a mod aimed at recreating the first four levels of the classic MediEvil in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. » 8/09/14 6:30pm 8/09/14 6:30pm

Your Favorite Elder Scrolls Character Probably Died A Horrible Death…

An Imgur user has put together reposted an exhaustive list of recurring characters in Elder Scrolls games—from Arena all the way up through Skyrim and The Elder Scrolls Online. Is your favorite character on it? Probably. Did they suffer some kind of cruel, shocking fate between games? Yeaaaaah... probably again. » 7/29/14 11:00pm 7/29/14 11:00pm

How The Elder Scrolls Online Plans To Dole Out Justice To Its Players

During the "Future of Elder Scrolls Online" panel at Quakecon this weekend, Zenimax Online Studios explained how it plans on bringing wholesome thievery, mass murder and retribution to its massively multiplayer online world. » 7/20/14 11:00am 7/20/14 11:00am

Plush Elder Scrolls Pack Guar Probably Won't Bite Your Head Off

What this cuddly pack guar will do is carry your burdens better than Lydia ever could. Pack guars have been around for way longer than Skyrim housecarls, so they've gotten good at this kind of thing. » 7/17/14 5:30am 7/17/14 5:30am

New Trailer For Morrowind-To-Skyrim Mod Teases Public Release

Skywind, the ambitious mod which seeks to transplant The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind into the much more technologically advanced Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, is getting a public developer alpha release soon, according to its latest trailer. » 7/03/14 7:00am 7/03/14 7:00am