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May 22 2018

The Special Olympics USA Games announced today it’s getting its first-ever games tournament. On July 2 in Seattle, athletes will compete at Forza Motorsport 7.

Apr 26 2017

Holy hell, Forza Horizon 3 is getting a Hot Wheels expansion. Arriving on May 9, the expansion features six themed islands off the coast of Australia, all connected with Hot Wheels track, plus iconic Hot Wheels rides like Twin Mill, Rip Rod and the Bone Shaker. Best expansion idea ever.

Nov 28 2016

Forza Horizon 3's Blizzard Mountain expansion pack brings ice, snow, extreme elevations more to Microsoft’s open-world racing game on December 13. Check out Xbox Wire for more details.

Nov 1 2016

Winter is coming to Forza Horizon 3. Developer Turn 10 slipped a teaser image for the first expansion into a post on Xbox Wire. The currently unnamed addition is slated for release before the end of the year.