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Oct 8

For Honor will be playable in 60fps on next-gen consoles when the game’s latest season goes live in December, Ubisoft announced today. The game’s PS5 and Xbox Series X upgrades will be free, and feature 4K graphics, better textures, and improved water reflections. 

Jun 23

Samurai Shodown’s next character is the Warden from Ubisoft’s For Honor, giving us one of the wildest fighting game crossovers in recent memory. Players will be able to see how chivalry stacks up against bushido when Warden drops tomorrow.

Aug 21 2019

For Honor, a game about samurai beating up vikings beating up knights, is available for free via Uplay right now. Players can pick up a free copy of the game (that they can keep) from now until August 29th. If you can even remember your Uplay password anymore.

Jul 23 2019

Jormungandr Hulda is the newest Viking warrior to join For Honor’s roster. In keeping with year three’s other recent additions, she’s a heavy metal bad-ass who swings a giant spiked hammer like it’s nothing more than a croquet mallet. She’s available as part of the season pass starting August 1. 

Jun 10 2019

Medieval fighting game For Honor just got a new limited time mode called Shadows of the Hitokiri. On Twitter, the mode’s description reads, “Face the Hitokiri, the ghostly Samurai fighting with their masakari in this limited time in-game event. Customize your Heroes with exclusive rewards only available June 10-27.”

Apr 23 2019

For Honor gets a new samurai class called Hitokiri on May 2 for season pass owners and May 9 for everyone else. The hero wields a battle ax and serves as an executioner. The season two update will also rework the Lawbringer and Raider classes as well as add a new map.

Dec 20 2018

For Honor is getting a limited-time crossover event with Assassin’s Creed. It starts today and runs through January 10, and it’ll pit Assassins against Templar in a battle that will ultimately prove pointless because none of them are as cool as Kassandra.