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No Gods or Kings: Objectivism in BioShock
Why A Man Plays Mario
Maria Montessori: The 138-Year-Old Inspiration Behind Spore
I Kept Playing - The Costs Of My Gaming Addiction


GameStop Sells Played Games As New, Sources Say, Practice Could Be Illegal
Jack Thompson Now Officially Disbarred
U.S. Govt Confirms Three Wii Remote Injuries
FTC Rules on Hot Coffee


Grand Theft Auto: DUI
Halo 3 The Ride, Hands-On
Two Brothers Meditating Upon Questions of Pac-Man
The Kaketakumentary

Exclusive Reports

Is This Nintendo's 3DS?
Sony To Unveil PlayStation Home
Xbox 360 Revealed
Shigeru Miyamoto Spills Beans On "Kind Code"... Almost


The World of Whorecraft
Growing Up Games: When Will Mature, Mature?
Activision's Ex is Now Playboy's Miss November (And She Prefers Rock Band!)
Body Types: Why Ivy's Boobs Are Such A Big, Big Deal


GTA4 Hands-On: The World is Yours
Goldeneye For Wii Is a Remake with Some Asterisks
The Next Smart Video Game Only Lets You Kill Once
God of War III: Like A Threesome For Your Eyes


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Review: This Means War
Halo 3: ODST Review: The More Vulnerable Edition
Grand Theft Auto IV Review: Life, Liberty City And The Pursuit Of Happiness
Alan Wake Review: Transcending Its Medium


Alienware M11x Review: Ultraportable Gaming
Mad Catz R.A.T.s Out Premium Cyborg Gaming Mice
Tearing The DJ Hero Controller To Pieces
Limited Edition Mario 64 DS, For China Not You


Can The West Cosplay With The Best Of Them?
The Cosplay of NYCC
Team Fortress 2 Gets Real
PAX Cosplay Round 2 - FIGHT!


A Delightful Chat With the Most Hated Man in Video Games
Jackson Explains How Fate Killed Halo And Gave Birth To District 9
The Bill Gates Interview Wrap-Up
The Unexpected Gamer Who Runs EA


Work and Play: A Peek Inside the Lives of Gaming's Greatest
Video Game's Biggest Circus, In 10 Photos
The Video Gamer's Eternal Struggle Summed Up In One Photo
Steve Jobs' Game Face Is Terrifying


Video Game's Finest Pay Tribute To Artist Frank Frazetta
The Art of Shadowrun, In Concept and Conception
The Brutal Art of Brutal Legend
The Art of War


There Is No Such Thing As The "Madden Curse"
Dissecting Jack's Lies
Real Photos Of the Tetris Vandalism Building
Why Is CNN Talking About Rapelay?


An Hour of Sid Meier Brilliance
Bioware's Greg Zeschuk Has a Massive Effect on Kotaku Talk Radio
Alan Wake Makers Talk Alternate Game Names
One Excellent Hour with Rockstar Games


Three Developers Explain LittleBigPlanet Level Design to a 7-Year-Old
A 70-year-old's Take on GTA IV
How To Protect, Not Isolate, Your Child From Online Gaming
How To Raise A Nerd


Achievement Chore: She Plays For Gamerscore, Whether It's Fun Or Not
Minority Report: The Non-White Gamer's Experience
Gaming Before Chemo, A Child's Escape
The Real Metal Gear


Turning the Beautiful Game Into a Video Game
Once a Labor of Love, Sales of Football Rosters Now Inflame Passions
If It's In the Name, It's In the Game
The Art of Calling an Unseen Game

Guest Writers

The Goonies' Chunk Answers Gaming's Tough Legal Questions
Ron Jeremy: Sex, Not Violence, Is Beautiful and Natural
The Impact of Homophobia in Virtual Communities
Op Ed: SmartBomb Author on Va Tech Shooting

How Tos

FarmVille How To: The Tips and Tricks of The Farming Masters
Ink Meets Flesh: A Gaming Tattoo Primer
Want To Work In The Japanese Gaming Industry? Here's How
A Buyer's Guide To A Console Generation Past


Japan: It's Not Funny Anymore
Collateral Damage In The War On Piracy
How Not To Play Games On TV, From Someone Who's Been There
The Replacements, Still Replaced in Video Games


Accused Game Cheater Gets Knife Through Head and Survives
EA Ships Illegal Weapons To Press, Wants Them Back
Man Spends Six Months Plotting Murder Of Counter-Strike Rival
Own The Xbox 360 That Helped Kick the Mayor of Baltimore Out of Office


Police Swarm to Bungie On Weapons Call During Kotaku Visit
Romance With Disabled Girls: How (And Maybe Why) An Unusual Video Game Came To Be
In Moral Debate About Shadow Complex, Both Sides Have Their Say
Racial Term in DS' Scribblenauts? Unintentional, Developer Explains


Indian Holy Man May Hold Solution To Game-Interrupting Bathroom Breaks
Kotaku Bureau of Weights & Measures Studies Fallout, Physics, Also Beer
Infection Vs. Resurrection: The New Science of the Zombie
Unreal Engine Puts BP Oil Spill Into Perspective


Justify Your Game
Autotune the Video Games with Kotaku
A Very Special Kotaku Holiday Podcast
Kotaku Kristmas Kard, 'Still Not Banned'


Industry Lobbies Clinton
The Inconvenient Truth Of Buying Video Games?
Don't Ask, Don't Tell Policy Nixed on Xbox 360 Live
Shoe Attack On President Already Turned Into A Crappy Flash Game


This Might Be The Best Transformer Ever
Remote Control Mario Kart Has Shells, Bananas
A Black Widow of Your Very Own
Valkyria Chronicles Figure is As Stoic As It Is Desirable


Meat Bun Dresses You in Wizards and Warriors
Iron Man Sneakers Will Light up Your Life
How To Make the Perfect Tron or Daft Punk Costume
I Clothe Gamers


Packing Tips From A Tetris Master
The Traveler's Guide to E3
Kotaku's Buyer's Guide: An Introduction
How To Lose Yourself in Akihabara

Theme Weeks

A Summer of Gaming


Tokyo Game Show
San Diego Comic Con


Why Is This Johnny Cage So Familiar? He Explains to Kotaku
The Colossus and the Comedian
Dante's Inferno's Japanese Marketing Includes a Racial Twist
Why You'll Never Be Happy With Video Game Films

Photoshop Contest

Up The Wall
Gaming Merit Badge
Next-Gen Cereal System
Gaming Conversation Hearts


A Visual Guide To The Role-Playing Game
What's My Motivation? Why We Play The Top 100 Games
2010: A Video Gamer's Guide
Kotaku Census 2010: The Results


Marvel Vs. Capcom Comic Books a "Natural Thing"
Sunday Comics
This Week in Comics
The New Pokemon Series Name Takes Some Liberties


ESA Confirms Lowenstein's Departure
EA promises changes in leaked internal memo
The Biggest Break-Up In Video Game History
Itagaki And Tecmo Settle Legal Brouhaha


Game Face
A Peek Inside the Lives of Gaming's Greatest Readers
Talk Amongst Yourselves
Game Club
Speak-Up on Kotaku

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