Meat Bun Dresses You In Wizards And Warriors

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The sorcerers at Meat Bun have summoned forth a magical set of t-shirts for their summer 2010 line, "Wizards 'n Warriors," celebrating the 8-bit fantasy fighters and casters who made the early days of gaming so magical.


The six new t-shirts in the "Wizards 'n Warriors" line continue Meat Bun's proud tradition of creating wearable art that embodies classic video games without tossing it in your face. There's something for everyone here, whether you love blood-soaked warriors, subtle ninja, tiny Viking dwarves, or eggplants. Hell, there's double eggplant love in this batch.

As much as I admire the subtlety of some of the designs, it's the least subtle of the group that's caught my eye. You shall be mine, Thunderhead. Oh yes, you shall be mine.

It's time to bug the living hell out of Meat Bun's own Michael McWhertor.

Meat Bun Online Store [Meat Bun]


laser beams

McWhertor- why the hell didn't you tell us you were going to put out another batch of "4th gen" shirts??? i would have given you my money a long time ago. now i have to save up my quarters for that AND an Eggplant Wizard shirt :(

...grumble, grumble...