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As I feared, last week's calamity with the image server all but ruined one of the best 'Shop Contest roundups we've had in this feature's short history. I'm still pressing ahead, though.

To recap: This is for the 'Shop Contest of June 20. Participants were given a picture McWhertor E3 photographer Scott snapped of the giant wall-sized set list of all the songs available for play in Rock Band. We had no roundup last Saturday because of technical difficulties. Unfortunately, when it came time for me to compile the winners, I discovered that only the thumbnailed images in comments remained; the full-size ones are gone, likely forever. So everything is a maximum of 340 pixels wide.


I'd rather do small pics than no pics at all, considering we had more than 500 entries and some real Kodak moments among them.

Plenty of folks tried the Sistine Chapel; nyleveia did it best. 8thR requires us to hit a target 340 pixels wide, which is impossible, even with a targeting computer. boopadoo got inside our bathroom at E3 to point out the obvious. discoron77's the closest to a dollar without going over. gorp, SpringerFinger and Zhejan all turned in tasteless historical references, and for that they are all thanked. So did Mr S, I suppose, but nearly 150 years later I don't think anyone can say "Too Soon," and so it is my winner.

Update: Psykofaze had an absolutely brilliant homage to They Live that I missed for some reason. It's a late entry as a very worthy 21st honoree, and is the lead image atop this post.

We'll see you here tomorrow for what will be, I promise, a trouble free 'Shop Contest.

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