Owen Good
Mar 5 2014

My first job out of college, I was fired. I used two words with my editor that proved career limiting. I have quit

Mar 3 2014

The maker of Battlefield 4 has posted another long account of what it is doing to fix problems in the game. "We are working on fixing glitches in your immediate interactions with the game world: the way you move and shoot, the feedback when you're hit, and the way other players' actions are shown on your screen."

Mar 3 2014

Fez is coming to all PlayStation platforms on March 25. Polytron's indie hit is a cross-buy offering, meaning the copy you buy for PS3, PS4, or PS Vita is good on all the other devices, and save files may be shared among them.

Mar 2 2014

Reminder: No 'Shop Contest today, if you're looking for that. Owen's not here next week.