Titanfall Will Add Paid DLC—and a Season Pass to Get It All

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Titanfall will get both free and paid downloadable content, and the latter will be available through a season pass subscription, Respawn Entertainment's co-founder said yesterday in an interview with GameSpot.


The plans for post-release content for Titanfall had been unclear until Zampella laid down the details yesterday. "We're going to do paid DLC, we're also going to do free updates," he said in this video interview on GameSpot. "There are things that we want in the game that we didn't get to ship in the final game. So we'll add private matches and things like that for free."

For the paid stuff, Zampella was direct: "We're not going to do microtransactions." The reason for a season pass, which hardcore gaming forums always view with suspicion, is "if you buy it up front, it's a deal," Zampella said.

That said, questioned about the post-release support for the Xbox 360 version, which arrives two weeks after the PC and Xbox One launch, Zampella was less clear. "We'll have to sit down with EA and talk about that. My assumption is yes, but I don't know if I'm the best person to speak for that." Bluepoint Games is handling that version of Titanfall.

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Remember the good ol days when you bought a game and got all the content? Those where good times.