McWhertor spied this list of Rock Band songs covering a wall at Harmonix' E3 booth, and many readers spied a surefire 'Shop Contest. Even if you did 'Shop early, you're not exempt from today's assignment. Gurfinki, I'm looking at you.

I'm not sure I should have to explain the possibilities for this one. They're that obvious. Is he playing Super Breakout? Picking a giant nose? Playing some kind of Saturday Night Fever game on Kinect? We should see a record number of submissions because, as Deanbmmv mentioned, it's a fairly simple job to mask around a guy (though I lack even those skills).

Source Image: Giant Wall of Rock Band Songs from E3. [Mike McWhertor]

That's it. The rest of this is self explanatory. Post your submissions in the comments; starred commentariat, I'm looking to you to help approve and promote worthy ones so everybody sees them. I'll pick the 20 best and round them up on Saturday. Get crackin'!