10:20 AM

Fixes for Dragon Ball FighterZ’ connectivity issues are coming. In a video released today, producer Tomoko Hiroki laid out plans for one patch late this month that “might not fix everything,” and another in mid to late March. The plan is to “gradually resolve the issue.” That is certainly a plan.

11:41 AM

No more quick saving at every terminal! Fallout 4 update 1.2 is live on PC today, fixing a handful of issues including the terminal locking bug that’s plagued me since launch. Bethesda aims to roll the update to consoles later this week.

5:35 PM

My personal favourite change is Fox getting his jab weakened because I have zero experience in that matchup. But now I’m not scared of getting jabbed at 50 and dying.” Red Bull interviewed Smash Bros. pros about the new patch, and they make some good points about what the character buffs mean for the game.

11:00 AM

On PC, The Witcher 3 now has more graphics than ever, as CD Projekt RED has just dropped a second patch which increases the quality of textures on high and ultra settings. Also, you can rebind keys now!

10:30 AM

CD Projekt RED is looking into fixing The Witcher 3’s tiny text problem, which I complained about yesterday. A patch just went live on the PC (and coming soon to consoles), but this particular issue won’t get addressed until at least the next one.