Phil Owen
Aug 23 2015

The final match of the League of Legends LCS Summer Playoffs is today at 4pm ET at Madison Square Garden in New York. The scene yesterday for the third place match was wild (photo by Ben Gilbert for Tech Insider), with about 20,000 11,000 fans (a sellout) packing the place out as well as the Knicks do. We’ve got our

Aug 22 2015

The Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 beta is now open to all PS4 players. Previously you needed a PSN download code to play. The PS4 beta ends Sunday night, and the Xbox One and PC betas will start Wednesday, August 26

Aug 22 2015

Today is day two (of three) of the Pokemon World Championships, which include both video game and TCG Pokemon, and you can watch all of what is sure to be madness right there on your electronic internet device via Twitch. I’ve got the stream embedded in this post as well. Read more