The Metal Gear Franchise, Sorta Explained In Under 12 Minutes

Metal Gear lore is remarkably complicated and goofy. Michael Huber at GameTrailers tries to quickly sift through it all and distill it down to the main points. I think it pretty much works! There’s a ton of noise in these games (I mean Para-Medic talked about movies so much, and that one guy kept shitting his pants, etc.), so it can be hard to remember what matters in the big picture. So maybe this will help you as you prep for The Phantom Pain here in a couple weeks.


IMPORTANT NOTE: This is not a super serious video. Twelve minutes obviously isn’t enough to run through this stuff in full. It’s fun to look at it this way, though.

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This sounds so convoluted and idiotic. I didn’t understand a thing. The characters and plot are like something invented by a 5-yo with ADHD, who keeps forgetting what each person is supposed to do, or even their names. I knew Japanese games were “unorthodox”, but this is mental asylum-level storytelling. Even simplified and put in chronological order I cannot follow the story line. I can’t even imagine what it would be like trying to make sense of this franchise in order of publication.

And what’s with the fucking nukes every time? I get it, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, they sucked, but there are dozens of other types of WMDs out there, probably even worse than some nukes, like dirty bombs laced with radioactive materials or chemical agents. It all sounds like a broken tape that keeps skipping and sounds like “bla bla bla nuke, bla bla bla nuke”.

As someone completely outside the phenomenon, I find this series completely unoriginal and uinspired. I mean, in addition to the use of random-sounding names, they even start to recycle words after a while, making the task of identifying characters almost impossible. Everyone is either some kind of snake or some kind of boss.

I know there are some hardcore fans out there and I got my pain medication right here, so let the hate come.