Patrick Klepek
Senior reporter at Kotaku, streaming Mario deaths at
8/01/16 4:45PM

Horror fans will have wait a little longer for Outlast 2, as the developer’s announced the game has been delayed into early next year. Given how good the original game was, though, I’m happy for them to take their time.

8/01/16 1:45PM

The Five Nights at Freddy’s spin-off Sister Location will arrive this October, based on a new Steam page that just went live. It’ll be interesting to see if there’s the same level as interest this time around. In the past, Five Nights at Freddy’s has been a genuine phenomenon.

7/27/16 1:50PM

Life is Strange is getting adapted into a digital TV series, Square Enix announced today. It’s being handled by Legendary Digital Studios, the TV arm of the studio behind the Warcraft movie, Godzilla, and others. There’s no word on when it’ll come out, but given it’s nowhere near production, be patient.

7/25/16 3:15PM

Dangerous Golf was recently patched to increase the frame rate and reduce loading times. After a few rounds, I can confirm it’s an improvement! Unfortunately, the rest of the game is still pretty mediocre—it’s no crash mode from Burnout—and a patch is unlikely to fix that.

7/25/16 2:45PM

Quadrilateral Cowboy is a hacker heist game from the developer of Thirty Flights of Loving, and though I haven’t finished it yet, it’s excellent. I hope to have more to say about it this week, but if you’re on the fence, don’t be!