Jun 18 2019

Konami is patching its arcade, Castlevania, and Contra collections today to add Japanese versions of most of the games. It’s also adding button remapping to Castlevania and Contra. Now you can play Castlevania III with the better music.

Nov 2 2015

There’s a new Contra game! According to 4Gamer, it’s a side-scrolling-shooter for iOS and Android and aimed at the Chinese mobile market. No word on when this “newest” Contra, a collaboration between Konami and China’s Tencent, will be released.

Apr 2 2014
Metroid sneakers

Custom Metroid sneakers made as a commission by Shannon Kordek, who has also made these Portal and Contra sneakers:

Aug 3 2013

"What if the classic arcade game Contra had been made into a live action movie back in the 1980s?" asked action-figure maker Mint Condition Customs. Interesting question, since Konami practically built the game with spare parts from 1980s action flicks. These custom figs are still outstanding. [via MTV Multiplayer]

Jul 8 2013

For some reason, dinosaurs wearing high-fashion hats slide across the screen if you enter the Konami Code on the British Vogue website. Hail Rule Britannia, I guess.