Hand-Drawn Strategy Guides Are Works Of Art

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To celebrate the original Ninja Gaiden’s 30th birthday, Philip Summers has created his own 20-page strategy guide for the game, full of maps, tips and gorgeous illustrations.

I’m in love. It’s available for a name-your-price download here.

He also did one for Contra earlier in the year if that’s more your style.

Via Super Punch.

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This reminds me of the stellar clay Mario 64 level recreations from this article over on AV Club: https://news.avclub.com/these-gorgeous-clay-recreations-of-mario-64-levels-are-1828106936

I’m not one of the original tweeters, but I did track down a copy and it’s just incredible. This and the other hacks they had to develop to get screenshots for strategy guides and magazines back in the day are a fascinating bit of video game history.