Vietnam Contra Game Is A Huge Bummer

Aliens! You can always feel good about killing aliens! Too bad imaginary Contra clone Hanoi Strike is set duringthe Vietnam War. It's a different kind of hard. The soul-crushing kind.

Modern war games like Spec Ops: The Line have tried to put players in the middle of combat scenarios weighed down with horrible moral consequences. It's probably a good thing that old-school action games weren't trying to do the same thing, what with their insane body counts and all. So while this faux Let's Play video from the Upright Citizens Brigade doesn't quite match the look of the actual Contra game, it doesn't need to. It more than makes up for it in guilt, shame and rejection.

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Serious question, are there actually any good games set during the Vietnam War? That war was such a depressing, horrific quagmire that nobody really won.