Alexandra Hall
Staff Editor, Kotaku.
Jul 10

Amazon Game Studios’ MMORPG New World has slipped to spring 2021. In a blog post, studio director Rich Lawrence explained that a desire to build more middle- and end-game content required delaying its previous launch date of Aug. 25. Recently, the studio also decided to pull and retool its team-based shooter, Crucible.

May 13

Switch’s Panzer Dragoon: Remake just got a long-awaited patch that seeks to fix key issues that’ve plagued it since launch. Easier aiming, faster turning, a 60 fps mode, gyro controls, the list goes on. Full details on Twitter. Pity that it launched in such a state, but glad the devs are trying to make good.

May 1

In a lovely video Final Fantasy artist Yoshitaka Amano dishes on his distinctive art. Confessing a love for Western fantasy, he traces his creative evolution from anime to fine art and explains why inspiration is never in short supply. A truly serene watch, just long enough to enjoy with a cup of tea.

Apr 30

Huh, SNK just released Gals’ Fighter on Switch. Neo Geo Pocket Color’s cool clicky stick let it host some strangely good fighters, and this was the cutest. Nice to see NGPC games reappearing, and $7.99 is a lot easier to swallow than the $450 a U.S. copy of Gals’ Fighter recently fetched.