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Perfect time of year for it. Going to hold a summoning circle this weekend for Dishonored 3. Read more

I like to think this all happened due to me, as I saw the mod in question just after it was uploaded, laughed at the crybaby who made it, and reported it. Within an hour, it was gone.

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AS an airline pilot I can tell you that descending 28,000 in ten minutes is 2800FPM which is not a plunge at all. It’s actually a litle slower than I would expect for a depressurization which at that rate wasn’t explosive and probably a fault of the air con packs which pressurize the plane meaning it would slowly lose Read more

They thought they could get out of that soup because they had a Wrangler. Turns out Wranglers don’t have special anti-soup abilities. That fucker dug itself in so deep that it’s probably going to need a back hoe to recover. Read more

What the heck happened to that Wrangler? Looks like the mud rose up and swallowed the rear wheel Read more

Who’s gonna tell Miyamoto how mushrooms and fireballs work? Raccoon tails?
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I love using and fine-tuning a lot of accessibility options. Even if I don’t need them, they still improve the experience as an aging player. The Last of Us 2 is like the high watermark with that, which all AAA studios should try to meet or exceed. Read more

I like this because it opens up the setting and adds more chaos. Read more

Just got home from work and finally checked. Success! Had to change some DNS numbers. Hopefully Sony does a patch, though. Read more

Regarding Armored Core, If you have time to play 1 more before 6, I would suggest trying to scrounge around for a copy of For Answer. It is nearly as modern as V, but decidedly different.
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Rockstar needs to take some fucking notes from microsoft!  Read more

Except the part at the end where the editor definitively (and accurately) claims that Sega kids knew they got the better version. ;-) Read more

Yeah that was a major miss on my part. Thanks for pointing that out. I’d still want to include the 2003 game though.  Read more

While I have a certain amount of nostalgia for the first NES game, despite its difficulty, I think the third NES game, The Manhattan Project was better.  It expanded on the TMNT 2: The Arcade Game’s formula and was a solid original title rather than being a port.   Read more

My memory is shit these days, but I’m pretty sure that both TMNT and fucking Battletoads are the reasons my 11-12 year old self bought a Game Genie. Read more

If you go purely by number of hours played, then these need to be in there...