Alexandra Hall
Staff Editor, Kotaku.
May 6

Oh, I thought you were making a Quantum Leap reference. Or as you might say, Qu Le.

Anyway, here’s a chart if you need further guidance:

May 6

Someone explained it to me last year but I promptly forgot. I was like, “oh, I would never have guessed that.” 🤔 Then I forgot.

May 5

That’s cool. I did see someone on YouTube trying to demonstrate streaming desktop into Home but it ended in a typical Windows error, lol. Read more

May 4

Maybe it’s compounded by being on Quest (thus having to connect to a PC to even start Home) but it just seems like a hassle to get in there and what exactly? Curate a space and look at others’ spaces. Read more

May 3

> Because I’m not sure what would have happened if he hadn’t first lost his arms, and then been given crappy interdimensional alchemy robot arms that needed upgrading.

they would have grown inside his regular arms, making them explode. so it worked out for the best tbh

Apr 30

> It bothered me so much as a kid that I once added quarters to a stranger’s game so he could keep playing and I wouldn’t have to see Frank Castle die. Read more