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Yuck. Sounds like one of those problems for which people are always casually advising “just do a factory reset” as if that’s no big deal. Hope ya solved it. Read more

Thanks for the rec. Yeah, I understand it changes quite a bit with each generation of games, which I’m looking forward to experiencing. Read more

Most likely no, Quake II RTX is its on separate thing.

Here’s a discussion on the RTX Steam forums:
Read more

Remember the bonus stage which was just Splinter having you guess a number between 0 and 999? Read more

Just wanna note that, as mentioned in the intro, there was no ranking here. It’s just our nine faves.
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Places like the SNES port’s manual would mention it, probably a bunch of others. Read more

EX: Ah shoot, you’re right. Thanks for the kind correction / words.

Yeah I remember only having modest style concerns over the HD Remix sprites, didn’t love them but they’re weren’t disgusting. But today, yikes. It’s like the rose-tinted lenses came off. Read more

Soul Calibur and Dead or Alive 2 (DC) are excellent picks.

PSX Namco ports: arcade perfect-ish, typically
DC Namco port: blows the arcade away

It was wild.

As for SF3 I’ve always felt Third Strike’s backgrounds were homely and bland compared to New Generation’s and 2nd Impact’s. Those first two games were just gorgeous. Read more

Yeah, I actually just returned to it last month (and beat it for the first time) and was really digging the visuals. And more surprisingly, by the end of the game I really respected it as a good action game too, not “rough first try” or “was good back in the day but now outdated.” a legit good action game. Read more

Based on some comments, one thing I want to clarify is that this wasn’t intended as a GOAT article; it was games that personally impressed each of us, key word personally. Sure, I played Gears of War, etc. near release and it was technically innovative, but its graphics didn’t really move me in the way that Outcast’s d Read more

I know exactly what you mean, lol. I miss that stuff. Fry’s Electronics famously carried it but those all closed within the last few years. Read more

I thought the monkeys were the worst part for some reason. Read more

The general advice I’ve heard is to not try and power through it. If you keep playing after you start feeling ill, that supposedly gives your brain exactly the wrong message (that VR = sick). Works against your goal. Read more

Agreed. As a DC appreciator NGL I bit my tongue a bit when editing this. Read more

Haha, I actually didn’t know she was a character-character per se instead of just a cute av I found at some point. When seeking a good image for this article I loaded up the game looking for inspo. Eventually decided to try an unhappy- or displeased-looking character in front of something picturesque, so I started

I anticipated this very comment when we were coming up with this headline. ;P