9:15 PM

Teardown is a heist game where everything is destructible. Levels unfold in two phases: First, you bust up the level and build makeshift structures to create the most efficient pathway between objectives possible. Then you swipe an item and race against the clock to collect all the rest before security shows up.

5:45 PM

In the wake of complaints from developers earlier this week, Valve is conducting an experiment with game pages’ “More Like This” sections. Developers of unreleased games, especially, complained that recommendation sections were no longer surfacing their creations, leading to significant drop-offs in page traffic and

8:45 PM

If Found is a game where you uncover the story by erasing the main character’s diary. It’s a neat-looking mechanic that sounds like it’ll be paired with some fascinating subject matter. First and foremost: a black hole that’s about to destroy the earth. “Erase her diary, uncover secrets, meet a diverse cast of