8:27 PM

Today Riot revealed the full set of ranked rewards League of Legends players will receive at the end of the 2015 season. The most exciting bit of news is that the heartless mercenary champion Sivir will get this year’s victorious skin. I’m genuinely bummed that I can’t get that. Congrats to everyone who will!

5:40 PM

Heroes of the Storm is changing its ranked structure, Blizzard announced today. Players will only be able to queue up for ranked games with one other person instead of two or three like they can now. Hopefully this will lead to improved (read: more fair) matchmaking, though I’m certainly not bitter about that.

6:00 PM

Riot’s Jeffrey Lin has amended his statements about how ranked League of Legends players will be punished for having chat restrictions or temporary bans this season. On Twitter and in a new ask.fm post, he said that only a specific subset of ranked players won’t be eligible for 2015 rewards. Read the full update here.