Cars With Video Game Names, Ranked

Image credit: Chrysler.
Image credit: Chrysler.

A lot of cars share names with popular video games. Obviously, we had to rank them.


23. Ultima Evolution

22. Dodge Journey

21. Plymouth Horizon

20. Dodge Avenger

19. Pontiac Tempest

18. Pontiac Aztek

17. Land Rover Defender

16. Pontiac Phoenix

15. Dodge Durango

14. Mahindra Scorpio

13. Dodge Monaco

12. Nissan Rogue

11. Toyota Tacoma

10. Nissan Titan

9. Chrysler Portal

8. Lamborghini Diablo

7. Chevrolet Sonic

6. Austin Mini Metro

5. StarCraft RV

4. Volkswagen Beetle Dune

3. BMW (Half-Life) 3 Series

2. Datsun 280 Z (as featured in classic arcade game Datsun 280 Zzzap)

1. Golf

Come back soon for my sequel: Cars With Names That Sound Like Video Games But Surprisingly Aren’t, Ranked.

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