6:00 AM

Koei Tecmo has filed a lawsuit against Chinese mobile game company Hangzhou Jedi Technology over copyright infringement. According to the lawsuit (via ANN), Koei Tecmo alleges that the Chinese company has repeatedly used its game images and music in online app ads.

5:55 AM

For the first time in 17 years, a totally new Angelique love sim has been announced. According to Koei Tecmo, the game will have a new illustrator and is headed to the Switch in 2020. No word yet about an international release. As ANN points out, the game originally launched in 1994 as “the world’s first love game for

11:15 AM

Koei Tecmo wants players to submit ideas for which Monster Rancher creatures should be linked up with what music when the game’s remaster gets ported to Switch and smartphones next year. The original game spawned creatures from CDs inserted into the PS1 but the new game will use a different system.

7:00 AM

Samurai Warriors fans, listen up! Tecmo Koei is currently developing a new entry in the series and for Samurai Warriors 4 DX’s release next month in Japan, Tokyo’s Koei Tecmo Cafe is serving themed eats and drinks.

6:30 AM

Koei Tecmo just launched a teaser site with a Japanese tagline that translates as “The battle of destiny starts.” The game is slated for Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Windows. The teaser site has the date 12/6.

11:49 AM

Fire Emblem’s greatest heroes get their Musou on when Fire Emblem Warriors for Nintendo Switch launches October 20. It’s the latest step in Koei Tecmo’s plan to make everything Dynasty Warriors. It’s a good plan.