9:15 AM

Janemba will be Dragon Ball FighterZ’s final new character added as part of its season two pass, according to a listing that briefly went up on the Nintendo UK eShop overnight. The demon of pure evil you can transform people into jellybeans seems likely to get announced at Evo 2019 this weekend. 

11:55 AM

The third episode for This War of Mine’s Stories DLC drops on August 6. Called Fading Embers, it’ll follow the story of Anja as she’s faced with decisions about saving people or the things they’ve created featuring non-linear gameplay and multiple endings. The game is currently free on the Epic Game Store. 

5:50 PM

Announced at Marvel’s games panel at San Diego Comic-Con, the first chapter in the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 paid season pass is Marvel Knights, starring Moon Knight and three other guys. The other two chapters feature the Fantastic Four and X-Men, though not Colossus or Cyclops. Those two come to the game for free

3:44 PM

If you want to buy some Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 DLC for a good cause, Activision has released a PlayStation 4 theme and Blackout cosmetic that will benefit the Call of Duty Endowment, a non-profit organization that places veterans into jobs.

11:38 AM

King of Fighters veterans Mai Shiranui and Kula Diamond are now available as DLC fighters for Dead or Alive 6. The pair fit perfectly into the game, though so far I prefer the quick strikes of the blue-haired Ice Doll to Mai’s fiery fan attacks. Both are free for season pass owners, $7.99 apiece to everybody else. 

12:42 PM

Virtual reality rhythm sensation Beat Saber hits the big time with a 10-pack of Imagine Dragons tunes. Tracks will be available for $1.99 apiece, or $12.99 for the whole shebang. Songs include “Radioactive” and nine I don’t recognize. You’re welcome!

8:04 PM

Three more characters join Shang Tsung as part of Mortal Kombat 11's first Kombat Pack. The sorcerer will be joined by the animality-inducing Nightwolf, Sindel of the prehensile hair and guest character Spawn. There are two more guests to be revealed ... is that a chainsaw I hear at the end of the video?

10:50 AM

Fire Piranha Plant will be the latest character added to Mario Tennis Aces. Players can earn it by competing in tournaments throughout June before the character becomes available to everyone starting in July. That month, Mario Tennis will also see Dry Bowser added to the lineup.