Sephiroth Is Coming To Smash

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Screenshot: Nintendo

During tonight’s broadcast of The Game Awards, Nintendo announced that Final Fantasy villain Sephiroth will be heading to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


Sephiroth is the latest character—after ARMS rep Min Min and Steve Minecraft—to join the massive Ultimate roster as part of the second fighter bundle, and the eighth post-release character overall since the game first launched in late 2018. His appearance contributes to what I assume is Nintendo’s mission to turn Ultimate into the biggest crossover in history.

Nintendo’s relationship with the Super Smash Bros. community has been fraught as of late. Last month, the corporation shut down an important grassroots tournament over concerns that event organizers were going to use “illegally copied versions” of Super Smash Bros. Melee to run their online competition. Fans of the fighting game series have since started and sustained an online #FreeMelee campaign in protest.

Sephiroth will arrive in Smash sometimes this month.

Staff Writer, Kotaku