You Can All Get This Ugly Suit In Arkham Knight Now

Batman is rich but has no sense of fashion.
Batman is rich but has no sense of fashion.
Screenshot: WB Games / DC

Today, Rocksteady Games announced that two obscure skins will finally be obtainable again in its five-year-old superhero adventure Batman: Arkham Knight. The suits in question are the Anime Batman suit and the Zur En Arrh suit, and starting today, after you update Arkham Knight, the suits will be unlocked and playable for free, without any hoops to jump through.


These suits were originally connected to WBplay, a multiplatform service created by Warner Bros Games which worked similarly to Ubisoft’s Uplay. Over the years, the forums and other parts of the service were shut down, and now WBplay no longer exists. This is a problem for games like Arkham Knight, which included content that could only be obtained through WBplay.

In the past, players could unlock the Anime Batman suit by logging into the WBplay service in-game with a free account. Simple enough! The other suit, Zur En Arrh, could only be obtained by creating an account, logging into the forums, and then returning to the game. With both the forums and WBplay gone, players have been asking Rocksteady and WB Games to patch Arkham Knight and restore access to the skins. Today their prayers were finally answered, as with little warning or teasing, Rocksteady announced that Arkham Knight will be updated today to make both suits freely available to all players.

Before this update there were some ways to hack the suits back into the game on PC, but no longer will you have to mess with your files or mod the game to get these strange-looking outfits. It’s a holiday miracle!

A similar situation involving a different Batman costume happened earlier this year, when the Earth 2 suit was added into the game for all players on PlayStation 4 after only being available in Europe and through a few limited-time promotions. Happy holidays to Batman and all his wonderful suits.

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I can’t tell if the arms of the stupidly named suit are supposed to be his actual arms or if it is just weirdly almost flesh colored. They kind of look like those “strongman” Halloween costumes that are just really thick padding with fake veins on it.