Image: Studio MDHR

Cuphead expansion The Delicious Last Course has been pushed back again, this time to 2021. An official letter from Studio MDHR cites the ongoing covid-19 as prompting the second delay in as many years.

Staff Writer, Kotaku


V till I D.I.E

I’m okay with this. Both me and my brother are huge fans of the game (even though I haven’t come even halfway close to beating the game) but we can wait some more time until the game finishes. Most people on Twitter seem to think the same thing as well. Furthermore, the DLC is releasing on 3 different platforms rather than on just one at a time like the base game was so for me personally at least, I’m understanding if it needs a delay. So long as we get it within 2 years (assuming it won’t take that long after COVID), I’m good.