Steve From Minecraft Coming To Smash Bros. Ultimate On October 13

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Screenshot: Nintendo / Mojang / Microsoft

Steve and Alex from Minecraft are coming to Smash Bros. Ulitmate on October 13. The news was announced today during a video presentation going into great detail about Smash’s newest upcoming character.

The new character is part of the Smash Bros. Fighters Pass Vol. 2, but players can also buy him separately for $5.99.


I was surprised by how many little details from Minecraft are being added and accounted for with this new update and character. For example, when Steve or Alex falls asleep, they get into beds they place on the ground, just like in Minecraft proper. Oh and Kirby looks like this after eating up Steve.

Screenshot: Nintendo / Mojang / Microsoft

2020 continues to be a wild one, y’all!

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You can tell Sakurai did not enjoy making this character. He stated a while back that even as a fan of Minecraft, he didn’t want Steve because he’d be too hard to implement. Now that we know they had to rework every single stage to accommodate Steve’s gimmick, I’d bet he’s pretty damn cranky and exhausted. You can tell in that direct he had so little enthusiasm. Even Byleth he was having fun trolling haters during the reveal.