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Smash Bros. Ultimate Is Getting A Small Crossover With Fallout

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Screenshot: Nintendo (YouTube)

Vault Boy is coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but not as a fighter. On June 29, the Fallout mascot will become available as a Mii Fighter costume for $0.75.


Vault Boy is classified as a Gunner, meaning he’s slower than his Brawler and Swordfighter counterparts but a bit more versatile. Most of his attacks are ranged. He can charge up and fire off powerful lasers. He’s also, in typical Vault Boy fashion, irrepressibly cheerful, which may be the best defense. Really think you can smack the smile off that face?

Vault Boy isn’t the only Mii Fighter costume coming out next week. He’ll be joined by characters from Tekken, Splatoon, and ARMS.


Beyond Mii Fighter costumes, Nintendo also revealed the next fighter for their Fire Emblem-themed fighting game: Min Min, from ARMS. She’ll also unlock on June 29 as part of the second Fighter’s Pass. For those without the Pass, she’ll be available piecemeal for $6.

Nintendo didn’t share anything about Vault Boy’s source material coming to the Switch, so don’t hold your breath for some handheld adventuring in the Commonwealth. But hey, if that’s an itch you must scratch, you could always play Fallout Shelter.

Staff Writer, Kotaku

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