Min Min From Arms Will Be The Next Smash Bros. Fighter

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We knew the next Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter would be a character from ARMS. We just didn’t know who. Today, while broadcasting from his home, Masahiro Sakurai announced the new fighter for Nintendo’s crowd-pleasing crossover fighting game: Min Min.


True to her source material, Min Min isn’t a great close-combat fighter. Her standard attacks are mostly long-range, which can leave her a little bit open but at least protects her from Ike’s ridiculously unfair counters.

She can also turn both of her arms—whoops, ARMS—into “dragons,” and send them both in different directions. With some dexterity, you can keep multiple enemies at bay. Her up special, the arms—sorry, sorry, ARMS—jump, is truly bonkers. Use it on the ground to launch up into the blast zone. Use it in the air, however, and it’ll become a hook attack, allowing you to grab mid-air enemies and slam them into the ground.

Sakurai also showed off a new stage, Spring Stadium. It’s no Final Destination, but it looks a bit more straightforward than some other recent DLC stages. If anything, it’s a remixed version of Battlefield, the franchise mainstay. One cool twist: If you leave items on, a drone will periodically drop them onto the stage.


Finally, we got a look at some of the Mii Fighter costumes, featuring characters from ARMS, Splatoon, Tekken, and Fallout (Vault Boy!). They’ll be available for $0.75 a piece.

Min Min will become available as part of Ultimate’s second Fighter’s Pass on June 29. If you have Ultimate’s second Fighters Pass, you’ll get her automatically. Otherwise, she’s available for $6 piecemeal.

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Knew it’d be Min Min, but I’m not gonna lie. I was hoping for a Hero situation where we had multiple alternate costumes. My picks were Ninjara, Ribbon Girl, Misango, and Min Min. Also slightly disappointed the other ARMS fighters aren’t in the stands.

I do like that Sakurai incorporated the quirky playstyle of ARMS to Smash, even if it makes the Specials a bit boring. She looks like she’s going to need a lot of skill to use effectively, so I don’t see her taking away Joker’s top spot.

As for the Mii Costumes, Ninjara's is cute. Heihachi was bound to return from Smash 4 eventually. I forget if Callie and Marie were in the last Smash game or not. Vault Boy was a surprising pick. Figured it'd be an indie character.