All The Pre-E3 Leaks

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Hello! E3 is here, basically, and these past few days have been filled with a bunch of leaks and news. Plus, a giant ladybug invasion and Sega Rally X Simpsons.



I know a lot of people who are very excited about these games.

This isn’t what I wanted from these folks, but I also think this could end up being cool. I assume we will see more very soon.


Ahh, you know it’s E3 when we get the annual Ubisoft leak. Like Old Faithful, you can set your watch to the yearly Ubi leak.



“Cook, Play, Eat!!!” is not the correct order. I would cook, then eat then play. Otherwise, my food might get cold.


I’d play this.


You know on my list of “Things That Might Destroy The World” I didn’t have ladybugs. It is always the enemy you least expect you surprises you.


There has been so much news and info this week that I’ve cut the comments section. Sorry!

Illustration for article titled All The Pre-E3 Leaks

Trailers & Videos You May Have Missed

Now you can fail over and over at the raid without a console!

Get hyped, as the kids say.

Ohhh, this looks cool. Didn’t even know about it until a few minutes ago.

I’m always ready for a new game from Remedy.

This is uh... certainly a way to announce this game.

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Dinky Earnshaw

Lol, that Rammstein trailer for Destroy All Humans was surprising.

I’m really looking forward to more JRPG ports for the Switch.