Square Enix Announces Dragon Quest Walk, Its Version Of Pokémon Go

Today, Square Enix announced Dragon Quest Walk, an augmented-reality game based on Dragon Quest that encourages players to get out and about. The Pokémon Go comparisons are inevitable.

In Dragon Quest Walk, you walk through an in-game field, which is filled with real-world Japanese landmarks like Tokyo Tower, and battle monsters.

There is also customized “My Room” function that allows players to decorate their in-game dwellings.


Dragon Quest Walk is going into beta in Japan. No word yet about its official release or whether the game will be out internationally.

Update 11:44am—This post initially misnamed Dragon Quest Walk as Dragon Walk. We regret the error.

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I doubt we’ll see an international release, solely because Dragon Quest isn’t anywhere near as popular here in the US as it is in Japan—and because it doesn’t have half the name recognition in the US that Pokemon does—but it’d be a fun way to kill time walking around campus all the same.