Bungie Outlines The Future Of Destiny 2: Cross-Save, No Exclusives, Free-To-Play Base Game

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Bungie today went in-depth on the future of Destiny 2, delivering a heartfelt video presentation in which franchise bosses Luke Smith and Mark Noseworthy talked about their Activision-free vision: a Destiny 2 that’s continually updated and playable just about anywhere.

Smith and Noseworthy said that one of their goals was to embrace the “MMO” aspects of Destiny 2, bolstering the game’s social aspects and focusing more on RPG stats. Another of their goals is to make the game feel more like a “single evolving world,” while the third is “play it anywhere.”

Reading between the lines sure makes it seem like Destiny 3 ain’t coming, but we’ll be probing Bungie about that one in the near future.


Here’s the news:

  • On September 17 we’ll see the next Destiny 2 expansion, Shadowkeep, which is set on the Moon and features the return of the fan-favorite (lol) space wizard Eris Morn.
  • This one is “completely standalone”—no need to buy Forsaken or any other parts of the game to access it. Same thing with future seasons.
  • The game will get some big changes alongside that release—it’ll get cross-save across PC, Xbox, and Google Stadia (as we reported yesterday), and the PC version will move from Battle.net to Steam. It’s also coming to PS4! (This was a very last-minute decision.)
  • No more exclusive content! No longer will Sony be able to pay to deprive non-PS4 Destiny players of maps, weapons, and strikes.
  • The base version of Destiny 2 along with all year-one content (Curse of Osiris, Warmind) will be going free-to-play with a new title: Destiny 2: New Light.

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So I read that correctly and cross-save/ transfer *is* happening for PS4?  Like, move from console to PC?