2020 Caught Up To Ol' Garfield

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This week we watch Keanu Reeves have fun with motorcycles, check out an amazing video game collection in Japan, learn about upcoming DLC for Borderlands 3 and Avengers, hear more about the Bethesda deal from Xbox and say goodbye to Garfield. RIP.


Great Kotaku Content From The Past Week

A fantastic interview by Stephen, including some important questions about stuff like Xcloud, Bethesda, and the future of Xbox exclusives.

I aspire to have a garage filled with cool shit that I can bring people to and then point at and go “Yeah...look at this shit!”


I’m not great a Soulsborne games, so I would be covered in so much blood that I might drown by the end of the first area.


Here’s a headline that is both amazing and hard to believe, and yet...



This is just incredible and makes me shake in fear over how much work went into creating something that seems so simple. Drawing in HTML sounds like a level in Hell.


Me, in the audience: Fuck, this is a WEIRD Fast and Furious sequel... I mean I don’t hate it, but...


I’ll stop following weird Garfield meme accounts on Twitter when I fucking die.


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